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Who we are

Established in 2000 by Jim Dehner we are a registered 501C3 organization ACT is
managed by an "All-Volunteer Board" working not exclusively but mostly in the town of Ashburnham, MA.

Our current board members are: Gary Howland, President, Matthew Christensen, Treasurer, Sherisa Sterling, Clerk,

Cec Snow, Stewardship Manager, Karen Sargent, Brian Mulroy, Paula Gorell, Lorraine DeSouza, Nora Brown and Mark Washburn.

What We Do

Our primary focus is to identify critical natural landscapes for protection. We use a variety of financing tools to assist private land owners and the municipality leverage funding for the preservation of natural resources. Through grant writing, fundraising, memberships, sponsors and strong partnerships with the State and other land trusts we work to secure conservation restrictions, advise land owners of tax credit programs designed to allow them to retain ownership of their lands, while being awarded monetary benefits. If you have land that you would like to protect and preserve for your children please contact us.

Howards Hill Project Underway!

We are excited to announce our latest project, the protection of 134 acres in the heart of the Bush Hill Town Forest. For years this land that is nearly completely surrounded by previously protected land was in private ownership. But now it will be folded in and open to all, by being added to the hundreds of acres permanently protected open space around it. See Project Map link below.

Closing is set for the end of April, meantime we have launched our campaign to pay off the loan as quickly as possible see more details about the great opportunity on the Howards Hill link. Our first public appeal will be at the New Dawn Art Centers concert featuring Will Evans brought to us by North County Land Trust. Check this out!

©2023 by Ashburnham Conservation Trust


Please Join Us so that we can tell you all about our latest endeavor.


We can't wait to talk about it, no better time and place than in our historic Ashburnham Community Church, the home of the New Dawn Arts Center.

Meet the owners of the New Dawn Arts Center the North County Land Trust and the Ashburnham Conservation Trust as we join together for mutual cause.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

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