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Watatic’s South Peak Ashburnham/Ashby

In 2001 a partnership between the land trusts and conservation commissions of both Ashburnham and Ashby, plus DFW and DCR protected the summit otherwise knows as the North Peak, an area totaling 182 acres in Ashburnham and Ashby.


This year North County Land Trust (NCLT)  is pleased to announce a partnership with the Mass Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to preserve over 200 acres, including the South Peak of Mt. Watatic in North Central Massachusetts.

The property is nestled among several hundred contiguous acres of conservation land. Featuring a mix of mature forests, successional growth, pasture, ponds and wetlands, half of the property is designated a Critical Natural Landscape by the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program. Its conservation is a key addition to an unfragmented block of conserved habitat and will complete the preservation of the entire summit of Mt. Watatic. Enjoyed by generations of outdoor enthusiasts, Mt. Watatic intersects the Wapack and Midstate trail systems. It is one of the most visited mountains in central Massachusetts. The south peak’s bald summit gives 360‐degree panoramic views of Boston, Mt. Wachusett, Mt. Monadnock, and the Wapack Range. View of Mt. Watatic from Mt. Hunger lookout on the Midstate Trail in Ashburnham.

You can help preserve this regional gem! ACT will be contributing towards the project from its own funds and would love to give you an opportunity to support us in this joint fund raising effort. To learn about North County Land Trust just
contact Anna Wilkins, Executive Director,, cell: 978‐821‐0574
Fundraising budget: $450,000
Total Project Cost: $1,541,000
Dept. Fish & Game and Grant Contribution in FY 22 1,091,000
North County Land Trust
Purchase transaction ‐‐ land cost, survey, legal, closing $343,500
Property Stewardship ‐‐ legal defense fund, land management fund, structures 55,000
Project Management/Core support 51,500
NCLT needs to raise: $450,000
Goal By 12/15/20 to close: $300,000

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You can print out the above form if you prefer to donate by mail. Just right click on the form image and print to fit.


You can become a member and indicate how much of your donation you want to go to the completion of the protection of Mount Watatic. It has taken decades and the efforts of many organizations and even more individuals to make this happen.


Most users have no idea that it was ever private. Pass on the good news and information to your community of hikers and open space enthusiast friends and family.

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