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Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club

A dream came true for members of ACT when this highly valued land along the Route 119 corridor between NH and MA protected. The state purchased a Conservation Restriction on nearly 900 acres. Exclusion areas were created by FSC to insure the continuance of the club activities, but the permanent protection of the remaining area of this parcel added a significant green way of more than 5000 acres of un-fragmented forest, fields and wetlands in Ashburnham.


This expanse of undisturbed habitat extends from the southern shore of Upper Naukeag Lake all the way to the New Hampshire border. The biodiversity supported by this contiguous block of wetlands, upland fields and mountain peaks is a rich blessing that should never be taken for granted. It provides habitat for large game and other wildlife away from developed areas and roadways. Pres. Gary Howland accepted an award from FSC for ACT’s assistance with this project. He is pictured here with Representative Rice and Phil Madonia of The Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club has been an exemplary land steward for many years as it is the oldest continuously active sportsmen’s club in the country.

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