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Bluefield Brook.PNG

Located on Young Road between East Rindge Road and Tuckerman Road

Bluefield Brook

Abundant wildlife, small and large mammals, birds, various flora and fauna readily inhabit this river corridor. Moose, bear, deer, otter, bobcat and waterfowl, among others, have been spotted here. The exposed sand banks, remnants from the gravel operation used to create the Far Hills Association’s subdivision, provide ideal habitat for turtle nesting. It abuts an endangered species habitat area, as identified by the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program. Our long range goals are to continue the clean up of prior dumping and the construction of a kiosk to provide natural history information about the area. We would to like restore and protect the existing turtle habitat on a sand bank that is being overgrown with white pines. Our purchase of this 15± acres of pristine, prime riverfront habitat from the late Granny Rideout lies within a 300 acre block of protected land. ACT, the Town, the State and Mount Grace Conservation Land Trust all have holdings. This outstanding habitat deserved the highest level of protection possible. The purchase of ACT’s first land acquisition was the result of our very first grant from the Dept of Fish and Wildlife’s Riverways Small Grant Program. 

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