Thank you for visiting our website. Since our incorporation in 2000 we have been instrumental in the protection of approximately 5,000 acres in the towns of Ashburnham, Ashby and Winchendon.

About ACT

A Bit of Background

Established in 2000 by Jim Dehner we are a registered 501C3 organization ACT is managed by an "All-Volunteer Board" working not exclusively but mostly in the town of Ashburnham, MA.

Our current board members are: Gary Howland, President, Matthew Christensen, Treasurer,

Sherisa Sterling, Clerk, Cec Snow, Stewardship Manager, Karen Sargent, Brian Mulroy,

Gene Farrell, Paula Gorell, Lorraine DeSouza, and Mark Washburn.

What We Do

While we do own a few properties in town our work mostly entails the facilitation of open space preservation through establishing and maintaining relationships with landowners, State and federal agencies. Over the last 20 years we have been instrumental in the protection of nearly 5,000 acres of land. In that Ashburnham rests within three major watersheds; the Nashua, the Millers and the Souhegan, we take our work very seriously.

Our Projects

Ashburnham Conservation Trust works with individuals, land owners, local, state and federal agencies in multiple capacities to facilitate the expansion of contiguous corridors of open space for passive recreation and habitat protection. Below is a partial list of some of our biggest projects.


Photo by Anna Wilkins

Mount Hunger

Trail Preservation

This section of the Midstate Trail overlooks Stodgemeadow Pond (center ground) and Mount Watatic in the distance, ACT brokered the deal between the previous owners of Mount Hunger and the state and we contributed $30,000 towards the purchase by DCR of this vital section of the 92-mile trail between the RI/MA and MA/NH borders.


Fairly recently the land just to the right on the eastern slope of Mount Hunger, formerly know as the Hidden Valley Ski Area, was also protected.

From this vantage point you can see one of our first big accomplishments completed in 2001 as part of a joint effort with 5 other partners to protect Mount Watatic, a project which scanned decades.


Russell Hill Town Forest

Habitat Protection - Russell Hill

The Russell Hill Town Forest is comprised of 70 acres of prime woodland and an exceptional field. There is a short trail starting at the parking lot on Stagecoach Rd., off of Russell Hill Road.

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