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Land & Water Conservation
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While we do own a few properties our work mostly entails the facilitation of open space preservation through establishment of strong  relationships with landowners and state, federal municipal entities. We employ numerous well established tools for land protection. Over the last 20 years we have been instrumental in the protection of over 5,000 acres of pristine land and waterways.


Ashburnham provides the headwater for three major watersheds (the Nashua, the Miller's River, and the Souhegan). Beginning with the rain and snow upon which it falls it upwells from the ground beneath our feet and moves downstream to the many communities and drinking reservoirs, both to the north and the south of us. We take our work very seriously. 


The contiguous corridors of open space that we have successfully protected provide not only opportunities for passive recreation but it secures habitat for the full gamut of wildlife. Our commitment is to man and beast alike.

We are here to advise landowners on how they can leverage funds to protect their family lands in perpetuity while saving and or making money while retaining possession of their land. Call us for info.

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