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DCR was ready to sign, we had committed to donating $30,000 towards the purchase to make up a shortfall beyond which the State could not offer and, winter was barreling towards us. With just a few days until closing DCR  mandated that we remove an old abandoned camp that was near the top of the mountain at the end of an old muddy, up hill cart trail. Impassable by a Humvee and a front end loader


Numerous attempts were made with heavy equipment to reach the top, but ultimately each got bogged down in the mud.

We quickly realized that what we needed was literal true horsepower so we called on Roy Nilson, a Central Mass farmer, logger and owner of two glorious draft horses, Molly and Maggie.

The winter's defining first snow storm began falling on us as we finally filled the dumpster and turned to reached for hot food, and celebration of a great collaborative effort that insured that this overlook will be forever available to all.

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