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One of the most visited public lands in our Commonwealth, a favorite destination for tourists from around the world. On a clear day you can see the skyline of Boston, Mt. Greylock and Mt. Monadnock. In fact you can see nearly the whole of the Southern Monadnock Plateau Project area. It is also a popular spot for the annual hawk migration, when hundreds of watchers come to witness it. This monument sits is one of two that memorializes the determination of many people, over many years, to protect one of our few of bald top mountains.


Through funds gained from Campaign for Watatic, grants from Sweet Water Trust, a loan from Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust, funds from MA Fish and Wildlife, DCR and a very generous private donation we were able to meet the asking price. No one entity could have done this alone.


People had been hiking the Midstate Trail to Watatic’s summit for years never realizing that it was not protected, we helped to perpetuate public access a reality. It has been over fifteen years since the six owner partnership (DCR, DFW, the towns of Ashby and Ashburnham, Ashby Land Trust and Ashburnham ConservationTrust) put this extraordinary area officially into public hands. We continue to work with our partners to assure the proper management. Visit the mountain to see why it meant so much to us to protect it.

Mt. Watatic Details

Mount Watatic is a 1,832-foot monadnock located just south of the Massachusetts–New Hampshire border, in the United States, at the southern end of the Wapack Range. It lies in Ashburnham, Massachusetts and Ashby, Massachusetts. Wikipedia

  • Location: Ashburnham, Massachusetts, United States and Ashby, Massachusetts, United States

  • Latitude: 42.696667

  • Longitude: -71.8925

  • Mountain Range: The Wapack Range

Six Owners:

The Ashburnham Conservation Trust

The Ashby Land Trust

MA Fisheries and Wildlife 

Department of Conservation and Recreation

Ashby Conservation Commission

Ashburnham Conservation Commission

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