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Mt. Hunger

Perhaps the best view in town can be found gazing out over Stodgemeadow Pond, north towards Mount Watatic and NH – from the top of Mount Hunger. The previous owners maintained the view by suspending themselves over the cliff face to cut back obstructing foliage. This vantage point lies about midway on the Ashburnham section of the Midstate Trail as it nears its terminus on the NH border. Hike it to appreciate the view yourself. Quieter than Mount Watatic, Mount Hunger presents a panoramic view of the “Jewel in the Crown” - (Mount Watatic) which sits north of the more than 5,000 acres of open space in Ashburnham. Mount Hunger was once the location of Hidden Valley Ski Area which operated during the 1970’s until around 1980, when a housing development overtook the ski area. Unlike Mount Watatic, (which was spared that fate) the slopes are but a fond and distant memory to ski enthusiasts who claimed it to be one of the better areas to ski. This land now belongs to the Commonwealth, but was purchased with the aid of Ashburnham Conservation Trust. ACT was instrumental in brokering the deal between the state and the landowners in 2009

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