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Volunteer Opportunities

Make a lasting mark on Ashburnham’s legacy of wide open spaces.  We have lots of things to do and lots of places to go.  Learn more about the natural resources at your ready access today helping us to clear and create trails, monitor, and assist in public education.  Your efforts will ensure wild spaces and places for the future of your family who will forever be able to have the same experience years from now that we have today.

Keep Ashburnham Beautiful

Keep Ashburnham Beautiful  (KAB) is a chapter of Keep Massachusetts Beautiful.  KAB is now a subcommittee of the Ashburnham Conservation Trust (ACT), a 501 C3 organization.  This merger is mutually beneficial to both ACT and KAB.  All donations to KAB are tax deductible.

Since our roadside cleanup event was such a success last year, we will be doing it again this year on April 23rd.  Like last year we will follow a “YOU BAG IT WE’LL SHAG IT” practice.  Just leave your filled trash bags by the side of the road.  We will retrieve them. Registration helps us to organize our efforts and  keep you safe.

Roadside Cleanup
Earth Day April 22, 2023

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